Certified ScrumMaster Workshop

In this Scrum Master training course you will learn, understand and execute on the three overarching principles behind Scrum: iterative development, self-management, and visibility.

Beginning with the history of agile development and moving through the disciplines promoted by Scrum, this Scrum Master training course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology while specifically reviewing the behaviors expected of a ScrumMaster. This 2–day Scrum certification training course is suitable for those practicing or looking to practice the art of the ScrumMaster, but is highly valuable for anyone involved in Scrum (Managers, Team Members, Product Managers, etc.).

Even projects that have solid, well–defined project plans encounter some degree of change and waste. Shifting market conditions, budget cuts, staff restructuring, or any number of influences will disrupt the best plan while contributing to customer dissatisfaction and staff discouragement. Moreover, projects that begin with changing or unclear requirements make it difficult to even establish project expectations. Scrum is the agile development process that allows teams to deliver usable software periodically throughout the life of the project, absorbing change and new requirements as the project proceeds.

This certification course is backed by ASPE's Exam Pass Guarantee. Upon completion of our ScrumMaster Certification Course, if after two attempts within the 60–day evaluation period you have not passed the exam and obtained certification, ASPE will allow you to attend another session of our Scrum Master Certification Course free of charge and pay for you to retake your certification exam.

Certified Scrum Master Price Match Guarantee We want you in our ASPE Certified Scrum Master course. As of July 1st, 2014, we have instituted a Price Match Guarantee for the Certified Scrum Master Course. At the time of purchase, provide us with a current advertised price from a competitor for a Scrum Alliance Approved CSM course and we will match the price. The course must be a public, instructor-led course and happen in the same city within two weeks of the ASPE course date happening in the same city. This price match is not applicable to courses already booked. Please call one of our Training Advisors for more information at 877-800-5221.

    The Scrum Alliance®
    The Scrum Alliance® is a nonprofit organization committed to delivering articles, resources, courses, andĀ events that will help Scrum users be successful. The Scrum Alliance's mission is to promote increased awareness and understanding of Scrum, provide resources to individuals and organizations using Scrum, and support the iterative improvement of the software development profession.

    The Scrum Alliance® has recently transformed the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification into a more rigorous certificate program with updated content, increased difficulty and a pass/fail outcome. Previously all candidates were initially granted Scrum certification regardless of score, but this is no longer the case. To help ensure candidates' success, the Certified ScrumMaster Workshop provides participants with all the information required to take the new evaluation and become Scrum certified. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology while specifically reviewing the behaviors expected of a ScrumMaster through class interaction, case studies, group exercises and workshops. The evaluation is completed online at the end of training, and consists of 35 questions.

    Learn more about the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Evaluation

In–Class Group Exercises

This Scrum certification training course is a stimulating combination of class interaction, case studies, group exercises and workshops. Each is designed to allow you to easily grasp new concepts and techniques.
Specifically, you will cover:

  • The "Art of the Possible": learn how small change can have a large impact on productivity
  • Product integrity: review various options employees use when faced with difficulty, learn the importance of delivering high quality products in Scrum
  • Customer Expectations: Using a changing schedule and agile estimating and planning, assess the work to properly set customer expectations and manage customer satisfaction
  • Running the Scrum Project: Run a full Scrum project that lasts 59 minutes. You will walk through all steps under the Scrum Framework
  • Agile Estimating and Planning: Break into teams, and through decomposition and estimating plan out a project through delivery
  • Team Dynamics: Since Scrum deals with change, conflict will happen. Learn methods to resolve problems in a self-managed environment

Key Benefits of Attending You Can Immediately Use:

  1. Learn the details on Scrum roles: Team Member, Product Owner, ScrumMaster
  2. Gain an understanding of the foundational/critical concepts of Scrum with our Certified Scrum TrainerĀ® instructional program
  3. Understand how to apply empirical thinking to your project work
  4. Learn how a team's productivity can be adjusted to account for its composition
  5. Appreciate the importance of organizational agreement on software readiness
  6. Hear why the ScrumMaster role can be the most satisfying as well as the most difficult job on a project
  7. Discover how conflict resolution plays a critical role in Scrum
  8. Work on a real-world Scrum project live in the classroom
  9. Learn, practice and utilize the Scrum Framework
  10. Gain a detailed understanding of how to know when software is "Done" under Scrum
  11. Review and understand the critical characteristics a ScrumMaster must have to succeed
  12. Get to the heart of the matter with Scrum, coaching and team productivity
  13. Compare traditional and Agile project estimating and planning
  14. Conduct decomposition to estimate a Scrum project
  15. Practice Scrum meetings including; Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Burndowns, Sprint review, and Sprint retrospective
  16. Achieve the first step in Scrum AllianceSM recognized certifications, enabling you to advance to higher levels of recognition
  17. Learn a framework to operate large projects using Scrum
  18. Implementing Scrum is about getting results, learn how to maximize your returns using Scrum

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