Google Marketing Boot Camp

This Google training course will give you the knowledge and experience necessary to transform into a highly qualified online marketer.

This Google training course will teach you real-world skills including:

  • Learn Google approved methods for online marketing
  • Practice learned skills through a series of hands-on labs
  • Learn how to choose the right keywords for paid search
  • Keyword analysis
  • Learn Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Understand and use Geo-Targeting
  • Implementing display ad campaigns using Google AdWords
  • Learn to apply advanced bid management tactics
  • Learn how to rank higher in search engine results
  • Prepare for taking the Google AdWords certification exam

The demand for individuals with knowledge and experience of Google online marketing has never been higher! This 3-day, hands-on, lab-intensive Google training course will give you real-world skills to successfully transform into a highly qualified online marketer. Learn specific Google marketing knowledge to successfully implement and analyze Google-based internet marketing campaigns. This Google training course will also give you the necessary knowledge to prepare you for the Google AdWords certification exam. Very few marketers who are not solely focused on AdWords have this qualification.

Through your participation in this 3-day Google training course you will learn how to:

  • Obtain the knowledge you need to achieve higher search engine rankings
  • Increase web traffic
  • Create a highly optimized paid search campaign
  • Reach the right audience via effective targeting
  • Obtain new customers
  • Get the most of your online advertising dollars
  • Optimize an existing paid search account

What People Say About This Google Training Course:

"I found [Google Online Marketing Boot Camp] to be extremely valuable. In fact, I have referenced the materials repeatedly the past few weeks as we have been re-addressing our SEO strategy. I could not have been happier with the course and am really glad I was able to go. I got a ton of knowledge related to Google Analytics and Google AdWords and we will be using these tools at work in the near future."

-- Greg, American Marketing Association, Tampa, FL

"The content was presented at the right pace and level to allow actual hands on work. There are many things that I learned that I will be able to apply immediately to my job. The ability to measure ROI will be HUGE for my marketing teams."

-- Cheryl, Product Marketing Manager

"I really liked how the instructor made himself available to help with my personal issues I was having with Google tools. Not only were we told about the material, but we actually got to put it to use on the spot. The course was definitely worth the money - I learned a lot of really great tools that I can put to use."

-- Eric, Marketing Coordinator

"The instructor was extremely helpful in taking time to discuss the challenges individuals were having, and to review individual accounts. This helped me better digest the information related to my experiences."

-- Kristin, Senior Marketing Specialist