SharePoint 2010 Boot Camp

For Leaders, Site Collection/Site Managers, and Administrators

In this four day hands-on SharePoint Boot Camp you will learn the "big picture" of SharePoint 2010 from an expert SharePoint practitioner/instructor. Our comprehensive approach provides you with all the key learning objectives you need to know to plan, implement, customize and manage your SharePoint 2010 implementation. SharePoint Boot Camp is the perfect training course for anyone who wants to cover the core concepts of SharePoint 2010 Governance, Administration and Customization in a single course.

  • SharePoint Governance SharePoint Boot Camp begins by teaching you the key concepts of SharePoint Governance -- blending both technical and management needs in explaining the best practices of governance for developing a comprehensive road map for decisions about controlled management, future growth, future deployments and expansion of your SharePoint environment and tools.
  • SharePoint Administration Now that you can plan your approach to SharePoint Governance, we will train you on the core skills for Administration of your SharePoint 2010 environment. This is a whole new SharePoint product, including a new Central Administration tool, a new SharePoint Designer, security upgrades, a new operating system and a lot more. SharePoint is offering a lot of capabilities, but it takes tweaks, refinements and customization to make it what you need. This SharePoint Boot Camp training will give you the tools for an effective and consistent administration.
  • SharePoint Customization Now that you have the skills for successful SharePoint administration, to get the most from SharePoint 2010, it needs to meet the specific needs of your organization, employees and IT infrastructure. One of the key benefits of SharePoint Server 2010 is the flexibility it offers to create custom solutions. In the customization portion of this course you will learn to use SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Visual Studio.NET and SharePoint APIs to customize SharePoint's look and feel, create custom workflows, design InfoPath forms, and access external data through Business Connectivity Services. You'll understand how much is available to you in the SharePoint APIs and understand the depth that Microsoft has created with more than 3000 SharePoint services available.

The knowledge, operating advice and skill you get in this SharePoint Boot Camp workshop will make SharePoint 2010 deliver, and most importantly, make it well worth your financial investment and energy.

What You Will Learn

  • SharePoint 2010 Structure
  • Central Administration Tool
  • Creating and Customizing Lists
  • Working with Libraries
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Customizing with Web Parts
  • Built-In Workflows, Customized
  • Customizing Templates
  • Security, Management, Profiles
  • Customized Metadata
  • Tools, applications and skills required
  • Utilizing SharePoint's full capabilities
  • Customizing SharePoint Navigation
  • Building custom views with Data View Web Parts
  • Customizing SharePoint Master Pages
  • Creating workflows for automation
  • Using InfoPath forms in SharePoint
  • Using SharePoint 2010's Built-in Workflows
  • Creating Customized Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • SharePoint Web Parts
  • SharePoint Modifications
  • Creating a Governance Plan and Team
  • Business Objective and Technical Alignment
  • Defining Site Procedures
  • SharePoint Versions and Features
  • Defining Information Architecture
  • Determining the Roles and Responsibilities