SharePoint 2010 Business Process Automation

This SharePoint BPA course will teach you to drastically slash the time spent on daily tasks while eliminating errors & enforcing important business processes.

Day to day business is nothing more than a set of repetitive routines performed to achieve an end result. Utilizing SharePoint Server 2010 and its tools, including Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint Workflows makes it easy for you to automate these repetitive processes to accomplish your business goals in less time. By automating business processes, human error can be eliminated, actions are consistent and uniform results can be achieved. Using InfoPath Forms with SharePoint Workflows can help manage and enforce business processes throughout an organization.

In this SharePoint training course you will learn how to create powerful InfoPath Forms that support consistent data entry and collection and then use SharePoint Workflows to act upon that data. In addition to core functionality, this SharePoint training course will teach you to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create custom Workflows above and beyond what SharePoint offers "out-of-the-box".

Top 10 Reasons To Take This SharePoint Training Course:

  • Learn to use InfoPath for From Creation, Customization and Publishing with SharePoint
  • Eliminate time consuming and repetitive processes
  • Eliminate human error from your data flow
  • Create a consistent and efficient method for data entry
  • Use the Cloud to reduce the need for specialized software tools
  • More effectively leverage existing tools your company uses now
  • Enable cross-platform functionality in your forms and business processes
  • Automate regulatory compliance processes
  • Automate document approval/routing and digital signature processes
  • Enforce key business rules

In this SharePoint training course, you will learn how to:

  • Enforcing business rules using InfoPath formulas and rules
  • Designing powerful Form with InfoPath
  • Understanding InfoPath Form Controls
  • Submitting Forms to SharePoint
  • Publishing Forms to SharePoint for Lists and Libraries
  • Enabling inbound and outbound connections to InfoPath Forms
  • Understanding the InfoPath Form Web Part
  • Utilizing external data in InfoPath Forms
  • Using SharePoint's "out-of-the-box" Workflows
  • Using SharePoint Designer 2010 to create powerful custom Workflows
  • Understanding Workflow conditions and actions
  • Identifying Workflows that can be automated with SharePoint
  • Deploying Workflows to SharePoint
  • Creating and Installing SharePoint custom solutions