SharePoint 2013 Boot Camp

A True Boot Camp for SharePoin Power Users and SharePoint Site Owners – get lab-driven skills for deploying and working with SharePoint 2013.

This 4-day SharePoint 2013 Boot Camp is the most comprehensive SharePoint User training course available. Users that have basic knowledge of navigating a SharePoint site will find this class the perfect class for learning and building on advanced SharePoint topics required by teams that want to get the full benefit of the powerful tools available in SharePoint 2013. Students also leave class as a certified SharePoint User.

During this course students learn what SharePoint is, how companies are using SharePoint, the business value of SharePoint, and a full understanding of using a SharePoint Site to realize the full scope of SharePoint tools to improve how the business communicates. Students walk away knowing how to use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) Apps in SharePoint 2013, including Lists, Libraries and advanced features available for information classification and management. The detailed explanation and hands-on labs for Lists and Libraries teaches students how to build, navigate and work with data to store and collaborate on documents.

The importance of the social features, such as Newsfeed, Communities, Surveys, Wikis, Blogs and Discussions, for making data more findable will be explored as well as how search is affected by user interaction via Tagging and Following. Students will learn how Search is used to find relevant, accurate information and be taught a great deal of “What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know”.

No comprehensive SharePoint class would be complete without a deep discussion about Planning, Governance, and Adoption. An introduction into the ever-elusive Governance model will be covered as the class delves into how to organize the Governance team by pulling together key players from within the organization. This section includes building the Governance checklist, asking the right questions to guarantee a successful SharePoint deployment and discussing Adoption best practices.

SharePoint architecture and design as it relates to the common user role, not a Farm Admin or SQL DBA role, is covered as it is relates to building and managing sites. A full understanding how Access Control works in SharePoint, learning how to manage Groups, Users and Permission Levels and Inheritance is covered in detail with an emphasis on the new SharePoint 2013 Sharing tools.

Covering the basics and moving on to advanced topics, students take a deep-dive to configure and build Lists and Libraries to find valuable information across the enterprise and fully realize complex information management available within SharePoint. The importance of inputting data into SharePoint in order for it to be findable through Search, Business Intelligence and Reporting is invaluable. The integration with the Office Suite of products deliver the most comprehensive and productive collaboration tool for the enterprise, giving insights needed to make critical business decisions.

By the end of the course, students will have an advanced understanding of SharePoint 2013 features and will learn to build a SharePoint Site that delivers valuable and tailored content for their team, driving engagement. They will wrap up the course with an Insights introduction with Business Intelligence tools before they take the SharePoint User Assessment.

This class is one-of-a-kind for the SharePoint User community which makes up about 95% of the SharePoint roles being played across corporations worldwide. The last part of the class is a review before the student will take a wrap-up assessment test to measure that the topics covered in class are cemented in knowledge and that the student is able to hit the ground running as soon as they return to work. The assessment is a 60 question true/false and multiple choice quiz. The students will walk away from class with an industry recognizable SharePoint User Certification for basic and advanced SharePoint 2013 knowledge. This Certificate not only proves that the student has the skills needed to be a SharePoint Power User, but also is a certification that will be sure to enhance the professional resume.

Immediate Benefits of Attending this SharePoint 2013 Training Course

  • Learn What SharePoint is and how businesses are improving productivity and information management with SharePoint 2013
  • Understand the basics of Planning, Governance, and Adoption
  • Realize the value of SharePoint to your business and how it is tied to Corporate Vision
  • Get a comprehensive introduction to the SharePoint 2013 interface as well as its new features
  • Understand the SharePoint architecture and hierarchy and how to use these to build powerful SharePoint Team Sites
  • Learn how Lists and Libraries are used to track business process data and how to build these to support management of business processes
  • Fully understand Enterprise Content Management and how to use SharePoint to guarantee your corporate information is useable and findable
  • Understand the social features for tracking data and making data more discoverable as well as how to drive team engagement with the new Communities feature
  • Learn how to use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) Workflow system to automate business processes as well as how to use SharePoint Designer to start building custom workflows
  • Derive business Insights from using the Business Intelligence tools