SharePoint 2013 Boot Camp

Who Should Attend SharePoint 2013 Training

Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge and skill is required for this class. The student should already be familiar with basic SharePoint navigation and should have a good introduction to the basics of SharePoint as this class is a deep-dive into more advanced SharePoint topics and management methodology. The perfect pre-requisite for this class is the Introduction to SharePoint 2013 for End Users.

The target audience for this class is users tasked with driving SharePoint from the day-to-day creation and management of information to driving user adoption and engagement. (This class is not for the Farm Administrator or SQL DBA roles). Specific roles and functions for this course include:

  • End User
  • Site Owner
  • Content Editor
  • Information Manager
  • Site Administrator
  • Site Collection Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Team Supervisor
  • Librarian
  • Any other users within the SharePoint ecosystem