Social Media Boot Camp

Social Media Training Outline

1. Introduction to Social Media

  • A true definition of social media
  • Zero moment of truth in social media
  • Myths and facts about social media
  • Branded case studies, both B2B & B2C, of successful businesses
  • Why social media is working for companies today

2. Twitter

  • Twitter Basics & Terminology
    • Introduction to Twitter
    • Why Twitter matters
    • Do you belong on Twitter
  • Twitter Landscape
    • Twitter.com
    • 3rd party tools
    • Twitter and your mobile devices
    • Getting started using Twitter

    LAB: Twitter Business Assessment

  • Establishing Your Twitter Presence
    • Finding the right people & accounts to follow in your business
    • How to search properly for information & competitors
    • The secrets to Twitter lists
    • Using Twitter lists as a powerful marketing tool

    LAB: Finding Accounts To Follow

  • Twitter Strategies for Effective Marketing
    • How to contribute to the conversation
    • Finding your voice
    • Writing your tweets
    • How to monitor the conversation about your business
    • Using Twitter for lead generation
  • Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies
    • Types of Twitter advertising
    • Getting started with Twitter ads
    • Twitter influence & Klout scores
    • Measuring your impact on Twitter
    • 3rd party analytics
    • Case studies for best Twitter marketing strategies

LAB: Setting Up Your Listening Tools

3. Facebook

  • Facebook Fan Page
    • How to leverage Facebook's timeline for maximum consumer reach
    • How to improve Facebook fan engagement
    • Creating status updates that work
    • How to grow active Facebook communities
  • Facebook Marketing
    • How to use polls & surveys that deliver results
    • Using Facebook offers to increase fans
    • Facebook events & marketing techniques
    • Using Facebook photos & videos in your marketing arsenal

    LAB: Examining Your Facebook Fan Page

  • Facebook Advertising
    • New Facebook ad techniques that increase revenue
    • Basic, interests & advanced targeting techniques
    • Actions and bidding techniques
    • Ad metrics and how to figure out what is working

4. Google Plus

  • Google Plus Basics & Statistics
    • What is Google Plus
    • Why are so many businesses using Google Plus
  • The Google Plus Layout
    • How to navigate in Google Plus
    • How to find relevant conversations in Google Plus
  • Google Plus Marketing
    • How to establish your presence in Google Plus
    • Special features in Google Plus
    • How to build relative circles for your business
    • How to use Google Hangouts
    • Increase your visibility in SEO

LAB: Adding People to Your Circles

5. Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare

  • Introduction to the networks
  • Navigating the layouts
  • Keys to success on each platform
  • Business case studies

6. LinkedIn

  • The basics and terminology
    • How to use LinkedIn as an HR machine.
    • How to find connections relevant to you and your industry.
    • How to use LinkedIn's search feature for leads
    • Growing your network

    LAB: Finding Connections

  • LinkedIn For Business
    • Adding applications to your profile
    • Your LinkedIn company page
    • Optimization strategies
    • How to use LinkedIn in your content marketing
  • Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
    • Using LinkedIn for everyday business
    • The right way to use LinkedIn groups
    • Lead generation techniques using LinkedIn
    • New features on LinkedIn

LAB: Finding Groups

7. Pinterest

  • Pinterest Basics
    • What you need to know
    • The Layout of Pinterest
    • Psychology Behind Pinteret Users
    • Pinterest Business Etiquette
  • Pinterest Marketing
    • Using Pinterest in Your Marketing Campaigns
    • Driving Traffic with Pinterest
    • Top Marketing Strategies to Use On Pinterest
  • Case Studies
    • Business Who Use Pinterest Successfully

8. Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
    • Why content is king
    • Definition of content marketing
    • The conversation prism
    • B2B & B2C case studies
  • Content marketing strategies
    • Goals and metrics
    • How to reach the right audience
    • Keyword research
    • Sharing and syndication
    • Lead generation
    • Content creation and curation
  • Measuring content marketing efforts
    • Website analytics
    • Tracking conversions
    • Strategic engagement strategies
  • Advanced content marketing strategies

9. Advanced Topics

  • Your social media policy
    • Case studies and examples
    • How to develop your policy
  • Where to look for the right people when building a Social Media team
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Listening channels
  • Social media salaries
  • Measuring your social media efforts
  • Final thoughts